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Susheela Raman and Sam Mills lead a journey through eastern Christian music of ritual, trance and contemplation.

Mercury-nominated Raman – a fearlessly innovative vocalist and composer whose music knows no borders – and her guitarist/producer Mills have pulled together an unprecedented gathering of seventeen charismatic musicians from Russia, Greece, Syria and Ethiopia, each a leader in their own field, with unique connections to this profound musical heritage. Tonight Raman performs alongside Russian polyphonic choral group Doros, Greek clarinet genius Manos Achalinotopoulos, Ethiopian pianist Samuel Yirga and Syrian Strings, mixing ancient and new compositions, exploring hidden connections and sharing new kinds of transcendence.

Christianity is not a ‘Western’ religion. It was born in Jerusalem and seeded through the eastern Mediterranean.  Sacred Imaginations looks back at these beginnings, with their gnostic and pagan overtones, bringing together 21st-century performers each with their own fresh creative approaches, to create music of intense rapture and beauty.

“Crazily ambitious..a thrilling musical journey and a triumph" *****’ The Arts Desk


Manos Achalinotopoulos clarinet
Christos Chalkias vocals
Alexis Parharidis vocals
Haig Yazdjian oud, vocals
Samuel Yirga piano
Ismail Altunbas percussion
Susheela Raman vocals
Sam Mills guitar
Pirashanna Theverajah percussion

Syrian Strings: 
Sousan Eskandar violin, vocals
Jehad Jazbeh violin
Basilius Alawad violin

Doros Vocal Group: 
Vrujr Ananikyan tenor
Aleksandr Gorbatov tenor
Aleksandr Kamyshintsev baritone
Konstantin Senchenko bass-baritone
Bekseit Ryspaev bass