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  • Kings Place (map)
  • 90 York Way
  • London, N1 9AG
  • United Kingdom


Eastern Christianity has inspired astounding sacred music from Greece, Russia, Ethiopia, Lebanon and India. In an unprecedented live music event, 19 of the finest musicians from these countries explore and share their 21st-century perspectives on this profound heritage. Timeless singing and beguiling instrumental textures join together in a unique and original musical experience.

Abeer Nehme vocals, Susheela Raman vocals, Manos Achalinotopoulos clarinet, Samuel Yirga piano, vocals, Doros Quintet vocals, Christos Chalkias vocals, Haig Yazdjian oud, vocals, Alexandros Parharidis vocals, Imad Morcos dulcimer, Nader Morcos percussion, Julio Eid bass, Temesgen King David’s Harp, Pirashanna Thevarajah percussion, Petr Glavatskikh percussion , Sam Mills guitar & direction.